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Horse Supplements

We offer a broad range of horse supplements, making it easier for you to find the combination that suits the unique needs of your horse. Because your horse’s body faces different demands and challenges throughout the year, you may consider altering some of the horse supplements that you feed, to compensate for changes in exercise, your show/trail schedule and the climate. Whether you are correcting a nutritional imbalance with multi-vitamins, maintaining joint health, or bringing calm and focus to your ride, we strive to find the most effective horse supplements for you.

We do offer a wide range of products and below, you shall find just a sample list of what we have in stock :

Dexacortyl 100ml,Vetacortyl 5ml,Fluvet 50ml ,Synedem 25ml,Edemax 30ml,T-Power 20ml injection

Dexametasona 10ml,Abhayrab 0.5ml,Equicistan 100ml,Fructosa C 100ml,Overxicam 50ml,Fatrocortin 100ml

Chromactiv 100ml,ATP -2 50ml,Atox Prix 50ml,Niglumine 50ml,Caliercortin 50ml,Fructosa 50R 100ml,Dexa 2 100ml

Cortamethasone 50ml,Hepagen 100ml,Ornitil 100ml,Coromin 20ml,Genixine 100ml

ITPP 60ml,Pentosan Platinum 18ml,Pentosan Gold 50ml,Pentosan 50ml,Ozone 100ml,Ketoprofen T-Power 20ml injection 50ml,Jurosenic 100

As said, that is just a sample list of what we have in stock. We do carry a wide range of products, do get back to us if interested so we can give you prices and details .


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