RPM 21 – 10 ML (DALVET)




RPM 21 – 10 ML (DALVET)

           RPM 21 – 10 ML (DALVET) It´s an excellent dexamethasone sodium phosphate with aminoacids and a respiratory and muscle stimulant specially formulated for race of camels and horses.


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Is a blend of synthetic and natural stimulants, with muscle anti-inflammatories designed for high-performance competition

RPM 21 and RPM are 2 excellent products to use together.



10 ml

Dosification & Administration for Race – Horse and Camel:

For professional application, read the article about dexa for race: Click Here

Dosages range from approximately 2 to 5 ml depending on many factors.

For safe application pre-race  (Horse and camel): 2 ml (IV only) 6-8hs hours before the race.

Min Dose : 1 ml IV  5 hs before the race, or 1 ml IM 6 before the race

Max Dose:  5 ml IV 8 hs before the race, or 5 ml IM 10 hs Before the race.

It synergizes with other dexamethasone, with other respiratory and muscle stimulants and is excellent for combining with RPM


Formula :
RPM 21 has: dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate 0,2% (2mg/ml), and Concentrated complex : (B1, b2 b6, b12, b15, ATP, UTP ) and natural stimulants (majuan extract and mix of natural stimulation agents of reserved formula).


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