Meflosyl 5% inj. UDD. 1×100 ml



Meflosyl 5% inj. UDD. 1×100 ml


Indicated for the alleviation of imflammation and pain associated with musculo-skeletal disorders and for the alleviation of visceral pain associated with colic.
Meflosyl 5% inj. UDD. 1×100 ml 
Route of administration and dosage
Intravenous administration
– For use in musculo-skeletal disorders, the recommended dose is 1.1 ml flunixin/kg bodyweight, equivalent to 1 ml per 45 kg, once daily for up to 5 days depending on clinical response.
– For use in equine colic, the recommended dose rate if 1.1 mg flunixin/kg bodyweight, equivalent to 1ml per 45kg. Treatment may be repeated once or twice if colic recurs.
– For the treatment of endotoxaemia or shock-associated with gastric torsion and with other conditions in which the circulation of blood to the gastro-intestinal tract is compromised: 0.25 mg/kg (= 1 ml per 200 kg bodyweight) administered every 6-8 hours.

Withdrawal period
Horses 28 days


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