Dexamethasone injection

Dexamethasone injection

Dexamethasone injection

CharacterThis product is a kind of colorless transparent liquid.

Pharmacological actions:

(1)Pharmacodynamics: This product belongs to the category of adrenal cortical hormones. Its anti-inflammatory effect and the glyconeogenesis are 25 times as strong as those of hydrocortisone. It is potently active against both infective and non-infective inflammations. Its activities in the retention of water and sodium and potassium excretion promotion are just about 3/4 of those of hydrocortisone. It also has strong inhibitory effects on pituitary-adrenal cortex. It also has immunosuppressive, antitoxin and antishock activities and etc. It can be used to treat or control the clinical symptoms of allergic diseases and inhibit various pathological changes caused by allergic reactions. It can improve the resistance against adverse stimulus, antagonize the damages caused by bacterial endotoxins, and relieve the high fever caused by toxemia. It is also effective against toxic shock, hypovolemic shock and cardiogenic shock.

Dexamethasone injection

(2)Pharmacokinetics: After intramuscular injection this product is rapidly absorbed systemically in dogs. The peak plasma concentration is reached after 0.5 hours and the drug is rapidly eliminated. It is excreted mainly through urines and stools. The metabolism of this product is similar in mice and in human beings. Most of the drug is hydroxylated to form 6-hydroxyl and 2-dihydroxyl dexamethasone.

(3)Drug Interactions: 1.Liver drug enzyme inducers like Phenobarbital, phenytoinum, rifampicin and etc can accelerate the metabolism of this product. The dosage of this product should be increase when it is used concurrently with these drugs. 2.It can accelerate the excretion of potassium when it is used concurrently with diuretics like thiazines or amphotericin b. Potassium should be supplemented when these drugs are used in combination. 3.This drug can accelerate the elimination of salicylates and reduce their therapeutic effects. And the combination of these two kinds of drugs is more likely to cause peptic ulcer. 4.This product can decrease the therapeutic effects of oral anticoagulants. The dosage of the anticoagulants should be increased appropriately when these two kinds of drugs are used concurrently.

Dexamethasone injection

Indications: Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory agent for use in the treatment of arthritis, snakebite, and ketosis in cattle, as well as supportive therapy for acute diseases and milk fever for small animals. It is indicated for non-specific dermatitis, supportive therapy following surgery, inflammatory conditions of joints not associated with ruptured ligaments in horses. It is indicated for carpitis, tendonitis, osselet, myositis, bursitis, sprains, and supportive therapy for fatigue, heat exhaustion, and acute infectious diseases.

Usage and Dosage: Intramuscular and intravenous injection, daily dosage is 2.5 to 5mg for horses; 5 to 20 mg for cattle, 4 to 12 mg for sheep and pig and 0.125 to 1mg for cat and dog joint capsule injection: 2 to 10mg for horse and cattle

Adverse Reactions: Long term large dosage administration of this product may cause the following adverse Reactions. 1.Symptoms similar with those of hyperfunction of adrenal cortex, which include edema, hypokalemia, atrophy of the muscles, growth stasis in pups, osteoporosis, glycosuria and etc. 2.Hypofunction of adrenal cortex, even atrophy of adrenal cortex. Sudden withdrawal of drug may cause dysfunction of adrenal cortex with symptoms like mental depression, poor appetite, fever, myasthenia and decreases in blood pressure and blood glucose. In some cases the diseases relapse immediately after the withdrawal of the drug and are even more serious. 3.It may induce new infections or aggravate the original infections, like expansions and dispersions of the original disease focus.

Dexamethasone injection


1. This product should be used with care in pregnant animals. It may affect the growth of the embryo or even cause   abnormal embryos when used early during the gestation period. It may cause abortions when used late during the gestation period.

2. This kind of drug has no inhibitory effects against pathogenic microbe. It should be used in combination with antibiotics in cases of acute bacterial infections.

3. It should not be used in cases of severe liver dysfunction, osteomalacia and osteoporosis, and during early treatment of fractures, rehabilitation period of traumas, early stages of corneal ulcers, vaccination periods and in infections lack of efficient antibiotics.

4. Dexamethasone can increase the excretion of calcium through stools and may cause deficiency of calcium.

5. After a continuous treatment in large dosages for more than 1 week the dosage should be reduced and withdrawn gradually. Sudden withdrawal is forbidden to avoid relapses or hypofunction of adrenal cortex.

Withdrawal Time: Meat 21days,milk 36hours.

Storage:Tightly sealed,avoid lights

Expiration Date: 2 years

Dexamethasone injection

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