Aminer Produvet

Aminer Produvet



Detoxifying Energy Rehydrate
In case of dehydration, hepatic intoxications, hypoproteinesmias, also to restore ionic balance. In diarrhea, anemia and neuropathies. In cattle and pigs it is obtained a better production with greater fertility and better crias.En dairy cows increases the production and in meat animals you get more meat and less fat.

Box containing 2 vials of 100 ml ampoule.

Dissolve the contents of bottle No. 1 with that of No. 2.
Equines and Cattle: 0,2 ml. per kg. Of weight. Swine: 0.8 ml. per kg. of weight.

Aminer Produvet

Amino Acids-Minerals-Vitamin B
Bottle # 1
L (+) Arginine 0.75 g.
L Phenylalanine 0.5 g.
Glycol 2.5 g.
Histidine 0.1625 grs.
L isoleucine 0.625grs.
L Leucine 0.125 grs.
L. lysine 0.25 g.
DL Methionine 0.75 grs.
L Threonine 0.125 g.
L Tryptophan 0.0625 grs.
L Valine 0.125 grs.
Nicotinamide 0.5 g.
Vitamin B1 (Chlor.Thiamine) 0.025 g.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.01 grs.
Vitamin B6 (chloro pyridox.) 0.025 g.
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobal.) 2500 mcg.
Calcium Pantothenate 2.5grs.

Bottle # 2
Sodium Chloride 1.25 grs.
Potassium Chloride 0.125 grs.
Cobalt Chloride 0.025 grs.
Magnesium chloride 0.075 grs.
Sorbitol 12.5 grs.
Apyrogenic Tristilled Water
Sterile c.s.p. 100 ml.

Dosage and Administration:
Dogs and Cats: 20 mg / kg b.w. EV, IM or SC at a once daily (about 0.1 ml / kg b.w.). In young and elderly animals, or with kidney problems, the dose should be divided into four applications every 8 hours and monitor possible side effects.
Horses: Yearlings and adults: 6 mg/kg b.w. IV or IM once daily (about 3 ml/100 kg b.w.).
Neonatal foals: 20-25 mg / kg b.w. once daily.
Uterine infusions: 2.000 mg (9.5 ml of the product) mixed with 200 ml of sterile saline (0.9% Na chloride), aseptically infused daily for 3 consecutive days.
Intraarticular administration: 125 mg (0.6 ml of product) per day.
Local limb perfusion: 125 mg (0.6 ml of product) diluted with sterile saline.
Administration: EV, IM, SC or intraarticular
Species: Horses, Dogs and Cats
Presentation: 50 ml bottle sterile multidose glass vial.

Aminer Produvet

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