Dexadreson 50ml

Dexadreson 50ml

Dexadreson 50ml

Injectable solution for short acting systemic corticosteroid therapy. Has powerful anit-inflammatory, anti-shock/stress and gluconeogenic activity.

Active Ingredients
Contains 2mg/mL of dexamethasone (as the sodium phosphate).

Can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent in horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs and cats and for the treatment of primary ketosis in cattle.

Initial doses may be maximum or near maximum but once symptoms are controlled doses should be reduced to maintenance levels.

IV, IM, S/C Horse, Cattle 10-30mg
Foal, Calf, Sheep, Goat, Pig 2-5mg
Dog 0.25-2mg
Cat 0.25-0.5mg
Intra-articular Horse 2-10mg

The intravenous route is particularly useful when a rapid response is required. During prolonged therapy anabolic steroids should be considered to counteract any possible catabolic breakdown of tissues.

Withholding Period
Meat: Cattle – 1 day; Horses and pigs – 63 days; Sheep and goats – 91 days
Milk: Cattle – 2 milkings (24 hours); Sheep and goats – 35 days

Not for use in bobby calves.

Dexadreson 50ml

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