Legend 4ml injection

Legend 4ml injection

Legend 4ml injection


We do offer a wide range of products and below, you shall find just a sample list of what we have in stock :

Dexacortyl 100ml

Vetacortyl 5ml

Fluvet 50ml

Synedem 25ml

Edemax 30ml

Dexametasona 10ml

Abhayrab 0.5ml

Equicistan 100ml

Fructosa C 100ml

Overxicam 50ml

Fatrocortin 100ml

Chromactiv 100ml

ATP -2 50ml

Atox Prix 50ml

Niglumine 50ml

Caliercortin 50ml

Fructosa 50R 100ml

Dexa 2 100ml

Cortamethasone 50ml

Hepagen 100ml

Ornitil 100ml

Coromin 20ml

Genixine 100ml

ITPP 60ml

Pentosan Platinum 18ml

Pentosan Gold 50ml

Pentosan 50ml

Ozone 100ml

Ketoprofen 50ml

Jurosenic 100ml

DMG 100ml

Clenbuterol 50ml

Adrenal Cortex 100ml

Pentosan Platinum  18ml

F.A.F 100ml

Mitachondral 100ml

Bronchial Dilator 60ml

Enerselen 100ml

Blast Off Red 10ml

Blast Off Extreme 30ml

Python 10ml

Dexacare 50ml

Super Shot 10ml

Predef 2X 100ml

Adrenal Cortex 50ml

Dexadreson 50ml

TB 1000

SGF 5000

Artrivet Forte 100 ml

Legend 4ml

As said, that is just a sample list of what we have in stock. We do carry a wide range of products, Do get back to us if interested so we can give you prices and details .

Thanks and waiting.

Legend 4ml injection

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