Presentation and Composition:

A solution containing in each 100ml, 4.6g calcium and 0.8g magnesium (in the form of a complex of gluconic and boric acid) and 0.6g phosphorylethanolamine. Bottle of 100ml.


For the treatment of hypocalcaemia in ruminants, eclampsia in sows and bitches and rickets, osteomalacia, neurosis and uterine inertia in many species.


Calsafe is a step ahead in injectable calcium supplementation. It is a new calcium magnesium complex using citric acid, gluconic acid and boric acid. The low boric acid concentration and release of calcium and magnesium in a constant proportion ensure excellent compatibility.

The lack of free boric acid means there is no stress on the cardio-vascular system.

In a healthy cow the ratio of calcium to magnesium is 5.6:1, while in milk fever it is 2:1.

The coma symptoms of milk fever are due to the relatively high magnesium level. The serum phosphorus deficiency in milk fever may also influence the symptoms.

The quantities per dose of calcium magnesium and phosphorus in Calsafe® are sufficient for every type and severity of milk fever. The 2 aminoethyldihydrogen phosphate also gives additional stimulation of metabolism.

Calsafe® can be infused relatively quickly with no stress on the cardiovascular system.


Give i/v or s/c to large animals, also i/m in small animals.

Horses and cattle (approximately 500kg): 100-150ml.

Calves, foals, pigs, sheep and goats (50-100kg): 20-30ml.

Piglets: 2-3ml.

Dogs: 3.5-10ml.


Serum calcium contents exceeding 60% are a threat to life.


Store below 30°C (Room temperature).


Registered pursuant to the ACVN Act 1997 No. A8110



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