buy Rubenal

buy Rubenal

buy Rubenal

Active Constituents:

Rheum officinale root extracts 16%, stabilizers E 460, E 467, vegetable oil 16%, flavouring, E1201 and E551.


Nutritional supplement for supporting renal function in cats and dogs.

Directions for Use:

To be taken twice daily.

Dosage and Administration:

75mg Tablet 

  • Cat > 2kg 1 tablet twice a day
  • Dog > 3kg ••• tablet twice a day
  • Dog 3-6kg 1 tablet twice a day
  • Dog 6-10kg 2 tablets twice a day

300mg Tablet 

  • Dog 8-12kg ••• tablet twice a day.
  • Dog 13-25kg 1 tablet twice a day.
  • Dog 26-45kg 2 tablets twice a day.
  • Dog>45kg 3 tablets twice a day.


Bottles containing 75mg x 60 tablets and 300mg x 20 tablets.


Store in cool place below 25oC. Protect from moisture.

This product is exempt from registration being an oral nutritional compound complex compliant with Schedule 4 of the ACVM regulations 2001.

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