Adjec injection

Adjec injection

Adjec injection

Ad-Jec® is an injectable formulation of Vitamin A and D3. Ad-Jec contains Vitamin D3 at a concentration of 400,000 iu per ml. This delivers the high levels required to aid in the prevention of milk fever. It has been shown that prevention of milk fever in New Zealand dairy cows can be significantly assisted by the administration of 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 iu Vitamin D3, 7-10 days before calving.


Ad-Jec is a clear, yellowish, oily solution.

Each 1 ml contains:

400,000 iu Vitamin D3

60,000 iu Vitamin A

Presented in 100ml multi-dose glass vials.


Ad-Jec is for use as an aid in the prevention of milk fever in cattle.

Ad-Jec is suitable for pre-partum supplementation and the prevention and treatment of Vitamin A and D deficiencies in cattle, sheep and pigs.


For use as an aid in the prevention of milk fever in cattle.

Cows: 5-10ml

Given 7-10 days before calving, or at the time of induction of calving.

For the pre-partum supplementation and to treat or prevent deficiency conditions:

Cattle: Calves 2-4ml

Adults 4-10ml

Sheep: 1-4ml

Pigs: 3-4ml

Injection to be given intramuscularly or subcutaneously into the anterior half of the neck.


Vitamin D3 is a primary controlling factor in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. Together with parathormone and calcitonin, it acts to continuously maintain blood calcium and phosphorus levels.

Vitamin A is essential for the integrity of epithelial cells and to ensure normal vision and growth. Its need is increased during disease states.


At recommended dose rate Ad-Jec® is non toxic.

However, repeated injections or gross overdosing may induce symptoms of Vitamin A or D toxicity.

Withholding Time:


Registered pursuant to the ACVMG Act 1997 No. A6057


Ad-Jec – For Animal Treatment Only

Adjec injection

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