Tolfedine 60mg

Tolfedine 60mg

Tolfedine 60mg

Ingredients in Tolfedine

Ingredients :
Each Tolfedine tablet contains 6 mg, 20 mg, or 60 mg of tolfenamic acid.

Each mL of Tolfedine 4% injection contains 40 mg/mL of tolfenamic acid (with 1% w/v of benzyl alcohol as a preservative).


Tolfedine is available in both tablet and injectable forms.

Directions for Use of Tolfedine

Requires a veterinary prescription. Use as directed.

Tolfenamic acid is a fast-acting and long-lasting anti-inflammatory drug indicated for the  treatment of inflammation, fever and pain in mastitis, bronchopulmonary infections, trauma and postpartum, Helps preventing endotoxic shock.

Tolfedine 60mg

Dosage and administration:

I.M. route: 1 ml/20 kf of b.w.; injection may be repeated once after 48 hours.

I.V. route: 1 m;/20 kg of  b.w.; injection may be repeated once after 24 hours.

For use in acute mastits, the recommended dosage is 4 mg/kg of b.w. (1 ml/10 kg of b.w.) as a single I.V. injection.

Withdrawal period:

Meat and offal: 12 days

Milk: zero days


30, 50, 100 and 250 ml vials

Tolfedine 60mg

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