marbocyl 10 injection 100ml

marbocyl 10 injection 100ml

buy marbocyl 10 injection 100ml

Treatment of respiratory infections due to bacteria sensitive to marbofloxacin (Pasteurella multocida, Mannheimia haemolytica and Mycoplasma bovis). Treatment of acutemastits due to sensitive strains of Escherichia coli.

Dosage and administration:

2 mg/kg of b.w. (i.e. 1 ml for 50 kg of b.w.) in a daily injection by I.V., I.M. or S.C. routes for 3-5 days.

Wiithdrawal period:

Meat and offal: 6 days

Milk: 3 milkings (36 hours)

marbocyl 10 injection 100ml


20, 50, 100 and 250 ml vials


Solution for injection:
Marbofloxacin ……………………………100.0 mg
Disodium edetate …………………… 0.1 mg
Thioglycerol …………………………….. 1.0 mg
M-cresol ………………………………….. 2.0 mg
Excipient to ……………………………… 1 ml
Marbofloxacin is a bactericidal anti-infectious
belonging to the fluoroquinolones group. It acts
by inhibition of DNA-gyrase. Its spectrum is
broad, directed towards Gram positive
(especially Staphylococcus), Gram negative
bacteria (Escherichia coli, Pasteurella spp.)
and Mycoplasma (Mycoplasma bovis,
Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae).
• Pharmacokinetic properties :
After subcutaneous or intramuscular administration at the recommended dose of 2 mg/kg in
cattle and pigs, Marbofloxacin is rapidly absorbed and reaches maximal plasmatic
concentrations of 1,5 µg/ml in less than one hour. The bioavailability is close to 100 %.
Marbofloxacin is slightly related to plasmatic proteins (less than 10 % in the pig and less than
30 % in cattle) and is widely distributed in the entire organism. In the majority of tissues (liver,
kidney, skin, lung, uterus), tissular concentrations are higher than those of plasma.
Marbofloxacin is slowly eliminated in the pre-ruminant calf (t1/2 = 5-9 hours) and the pig (t1/2 =
8-10 hours), more rapidly in ruminant cattle (t1/2 = 4-7 hours), and mainly in active form in the
urines and faeces.

marbocyl 10 injection 100ml
Disorders caused by germs sensitive to Marbofloxacin.
In cattle : treatment of respiratory infections with strains sensitive to Pasteurella multocida,
Pasteurella haemolytica and Mycoplasma bovis. Treatment of acute mastitis with strains
sensitive to Escherichia Coli.
In sows : treatment of metritis-mastitis-agalactia with strains sensitive to Marbofloxacin.
Control the sensitivity of strains prior to use the product.
Administration and dosage
• Cattle : IV, IM, SC administrations.
2 mg of Marbofloxacin per kg (i.e.1 ml for 50 kg of b.w.) in a daily injection by IM or SC route for
3 – 5 days. The first injection can also be carried out by IV administration.
However, in cattle, it has been shown that subcutaneous route was better tolerated than I.M.
administration. It is thus recommended for adult cattle. Inject preferably on the neck.
• Sows : IM route.
2 mg of Marbofloxacin per kg (i.e. 1 ml for 50 kg of b.w.) in a daily injection for 3 days
Special Warnings
• Use during pregnancy and lactation :
Studies in animals of laboratory (rat, rabbit) have not produced any evidence of a teratogenic,
foetotoxic or maternotoxic effect of Marbofloxacin.
Harmlessness of the product has been shown in the pregnant cow.
During use of the product in the sow and the cow, harmlessness has been shown in piglets and
suckling calves.
• Overdose :
No sign of overdose has been shown with the product after administration of 3 times the
recommended dose.
In the case of overdose with Marbofloxacin, acute neurological signs occur whose treatment is
Do not administer in the case of resistant bacteria to other fluoroquinolones infections.
Side effects
Administration by I.M. route may occur transitory local reactions such as pain or oedema at the
site of injection, and inflammatory reactions, which persist for at least 12 days after injection.
Withdrawal period
• Cattle :
– Meat and offal : 6 days.
– Milk : 3 milkings (36 hours).
• Sows :
– Meat and offal : 4 days.
List I.
Prescription only medicine. This drug should be stored during duration of its withdrawal period.
Special precautions for storage
After opening, the bottle can be stored 1 month below 25° C.
1 bottle of 20 ml box
M.A. N° 676 063.4 from the 05/15/97
1 bottle of 50 ml box
M.A. N° 676 064.0 from the 05/15/97
1 bottle of 100 ml box
M.A. N° 676 065.7 from the 05/15/97

marbocyl 10 injection 100ml

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