Colix Injection

Colix Injection

Colix Injection


Flunixin Meglumine equivalent to 50 mg/mL Flunixin


100mL vial


This product is contraindicated for use in cats.  The safe use of Colix in pregnant, lactating or breeding dogs has not been established.  In the absence of any specific studies in pregnant target animals such use is contraindicated.


Equine – For the alleviation of inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and for the alleviation of visceral pain and inflammation associated with colic.  Also aids the normalisation of peristalsis.

Bovine – As an aid in the management of acute respiratory disease in cattle.  As an aid in the management of “downer cow” syndrome.

Swine – As an aid in the treatment of mastitis, metritis, agalactia syndrome (MMA or lactational failure) in sows.

Canine – As supportive therapy for arthritis, heat stroke and accident cases.


Equine – Musculoskeletal disorders: 1.1 mg per kg (1mL/45kg) bodyweight once daily by I.V. (intravenous) or I.M. (intramuscular) injection for up to 5 days.

Alleviation of pain associated with colic – 1.1 mg per kg bodyweight I.V administration is recommended for prompt relief.  May be repeated with signs of colic occur.  Cause of colic should be determined and treated with concomitant therapy.

Bovine – Infectious respiratory conditions, “downer cow”

Syndrome – 2.2 mg/kg I.V. (2 mL/45kg bodyweight). Once daily dosage for 1-3 days.  Concomitant anti-infective therapy required in the presence of bacterial infections.  Oxytetracycline and tylosin are compatible with flunixin.  SEPARATE injections must be given.

Footrot and musculoskeletal indications, visceral pain (colic) – 1.1 mg/kg I.M. or I.V.

Swine – MMA syndrome: 2.2 mg/kg (2 mL/45kg) by deep I.M. injection (5 cm).  One or two injections twelve hours apart.

Canine – 1.1 mg per kg bodyweight I.V. (0.2 mL/9 kg bodyweight) once daily for 2-3 days.  Dose rate should not be exceeded.


Meat (cattle, pigs) – DO NOT USE less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Meat (horses) – DO NOT USE less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Milk – Milk collected from cows within 36 hours (3 milkings) following treatment MUST NOT BE USED for human consumption or processing.  The milk should not be feed to bobby calves.


Export slaughter interval – this product does not have an ESI established.  For advice on the ESI, contact the manufacturer on (02) 9534 8207 before using the product/


If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre (Phone Australia 131126).


Store below 30C (Room Temperature). Do not freeze.


Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper and putting in garbage.


Colix Injection

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