Antrycide Prosalt

Antrycide Prosalt

Product description:

For the prevention
and treatment of
One vial containing:

Quinapyramine Sulphate B.Vet. C. – 1.5 g
Quinapyramine Chloride B .Vet .C – 1.0 g
One Ampoule of sterile water for injection IP – 15ml

Antrycide ProSalt is effective as a preventive
as well as curative in cases of
Trypanosomiasis in Cattle, Buffaloe,
Camel, Horses, Pigs and Sheep.

Dissolve Antrycide ProSalt 2.5 g in 15
ml. of water for injection and inject @2
ml per 45 kg body weight by subcutaneous
Antrycide is administered by subcutaneous
route. In cattle, the common sites
are behind the shoulder, the midline of
the dewlap or the caudal fold.
In horses the usual site is in front of the
The dose may be divided between
several sites, and these should be
massaged following injection.

2.5 g vial with water for injection free

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