Relieve-it 250g

Relieve-it 250g

Relieve-it 250g

Relieve-it is a specially formulated topical all-natural, penetrating pain relief for all animals in all situations. It comprises four specially selected varieties ofeucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and vanilla, all formulated using a unique and secret triple maturation process, without the use of drugs or chemicals.

Relieve-it 250g


Product Information and Key Ingredients

Relieve-it is a specially formulated topical all-natural, penetrating pain relief for all animals in all situations. It comprises four specially selected varieties of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and vanilla, all formulated using a unique and secret triple maturation process, without the use of drugs or chemicals.

How does it work?

Its formula and maturation process is the well-kept secret that makes Relieve-it work so well the base technology Actilastin 1000™. Actilastin 1000™ is a proprietary base for use in the formulation of medical products. Actilastin 1000™ is the result of extensive research and development dedicated to offering solutions that are based on proven science. While the primary focus in the development phase was to produce a superior product for topical applications, future work will focus on the anti-cancer, anti-viral and other topical/dermal applications of this advanced compound for beneficial use by the consumer.

Olive Oil – is the base of Relieve-it. It has been individually selected after testing 22 varieties of olive oil. This specially blended virgin extract has been tailored to a set of specific characteristics designed to provide an oil which is mild to the skin and with unique penetrating characteristics.

Tea Tree Oil – distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, this oil is sourced from the northern coastal regions of New South Wales, a region of Australia which produces the finest and most consistent strains of Tea Tree Oil in the world. This unique traditional medicine has been chosen for use in Relieve-it for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Eucalyptus Oil – distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus Polybractea (more commonly known as the Blue Mallee Eucalyptus), this potent oil has the highest Cineolo* content of any Eucalypt in the world. This strain is only found in Australia and this complex oil has scientifically proven pain relieving properties, coupled with additional anti-inflammatory benefits. More importantly, the Blue Mallee oil contains critical trace elements which interact with the Tea Tree Oil, only after reaction in the Triple Maturation Process, providing Relieve-it with properties that no other product can reach.

* Cineole has demonstrated capability to reduce inflammation and pain.

Vanilla – a proprietary blend of vanilla extracts, specially produced for use in Relieve-it to provide circulatory benefits and to act as the delivery mechanism for the potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. The Vanilla is ‘fully bonded’ during the maturation process and helps deliver the fast acting pain relief associated with Relieve-it.

The four natural ingredients work together in a synergistic way with Actilastin 1000™, each complementing and interacting with each other and magnifying the overall therapeutic effect, right down to the DNA level. There is no other pain relieving product available anywhere that can match the effectiveness of Relieve-it.

What does Relieve-it achieve?

Whether your animal is in performance or competition, breeding, or simply a cherished pet, Relieve-it provides maximum pain relief with full return to mobility of strained, inflamed or injured joints. Regardless of whether your animal is suffering from performance stress, muscular soreness, joint pain, arthritis, is in recovery or just old age, it will benefit from Relieve-it. The ‘before and after’ pain relief, Relieve-it provides pain relief for up to five hours after each application. By applying before workouts and training, Relieve-It can inhibit the onset of muscular soreness and joint pain.

Relieve-it 250g

The Product

It is designed to promote pain relief, accelerated repair and effective healing of internal injuries and to enhance and maintain joint health and muscle soreness in horses.

Can All Animals Benefit?

All mammalian animals can benefit from the use of Relieve-it. Whether an animal is large or small, a performance animal, a breeding animal or a loved and valued pet Relieve-It will give pain relief and help restore muscle and joint freedom.

Side Effects?

Relieve-it is made from all natural ingredients, oil from specially selected Australian grown species of eucalyptus and tea tree, with specially blended natural olive oil and vanilla. If used in accordance with the Directions, there are no side effects. As it is a topical pain reliever, it does not and cannot swab. It is completely Drug and Chemical free. It carries a 100% guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Is it Legal in Performance Animals?

Relieve-it is 100% clean, drug and chemical free. If used according to the Directions For Use, it will not compromise any performance animal in any event or race it competes. It does not swab.

Benefits of Relieve-it

In performance animals, the benefits include faster and better pain relief from muscular soreness, stiffness in muscles and joints and faster recovery from stressful performance. All animals will gain rapid pain relief from muscular soreness, strain and sore joints. Aging animals, especially those suffering the effects of arthritis, will gain rapid relief from pain and stiffness. Relieve-it is a Premium 5 Star Quality product which guarantees 100% pain relief – or your money back. No other pain relieving product is as effective as Relieve-It nor can it match our guarantee.

Relieve-it 250g

Size & Availability:

Relieve-it is available in 125ml and 500ml bottles, 1 litre bottles are available on request.

How is it Administered?

Relieve-it is very easy to use by almost anyone. It is applied topically by hand, rubbing gently into the affected areas of the animal, with special emphasis on affected joints. With its deep penetrating qualities it will go to work quickly to relieve pain and soreness. Repeat applications can be made every 4-5 hours if required. Pain relief normally starts within 15-20 minutes. It can be applied by any competent person.

How often can it be Used?

Relieve-it can be administered as often as needed. Pain relief from a single application lasts up to 5 hours. Relieve-it is very cost effective. It costs only a few cents per application and there is no wastage.

Click here to download the fact sheet: Relieve-it

Relieve-it 250g

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