Bio Bleeder 100ml

Bio Bleeder 100ml

Bio Bleeder 100ml

Patented Bleeder Formula

The most scientifically advanced natural bleeding product for horses and Camels on the market today.

All natural formula and has no prohibited substances and no side effects; it does not swab.

Available in 100ml vials.


Product Information and Key Ingredients

AECS’s patented pending Bleeder formula is unquestionably the most scientifically advanced natural bleeding product for horses and camels on the market today.

This is an all natural formula with no prohibited substances and no side effects; it does not swab.

The research and development behind Bio Bleeder is so advanced it is being compared with and out performing leading pharmaceutical bleeding medications.

Ingredient Information

TARAXACUM OFFICINALE – A plant of the family Asteraceae. In research, high amounts aqueous extract of Taraxacum leaf have shown to have diuretic capability comparable to furosemide (lasix).

Since Taraxacum Officinale is also a rich source of potassium some researchers think that it is capable of replacing potassium lost through dieresis.

MIMOSA PUDICA – This species of plant is found in South and Central America, it grows in mostly shady areas under trees and shrubs. Diuretic tests of aqueous extract of Mimosa Pudica Linn leaves were evaluated using the Lipschitz test on the controlled groups.

Bio Bleeder 100ml

The control group was given 0.9% NaCI, the 3 test groups were treated with aqueous extract of leaves of M.Pudica doses of 100,200 and 400mg/kg per body respectively, and the standard group received furosemide (lasix).

Urine biochemical analysis done by colorimetry showed significant diuretic activity at 100mg/kg Po with aqueous extract from the M.Pudica leaves. Increasing the dose above 100mg/kg does not bring about increase in diuretic property.

Bio Bleeder 100ml

Fact Sheet Bio Bleeder

EIPH (Bleeding) has been shown to have a marked negative effect on performance, the impact on performance within a single race is significant. Horses with grade 4 bleeding attack (EIPH) were on average 6 lengths behind those finishing with a grade 0.

However the repeated bouts of EPIH that occur with daily training may lead to more significant changes and a greater degree of tissue damage over time if not treated, with consequent loss of lung function and considerable damage to capillaries and blood vessels.

Why Use Bio Bleeder?

Bio Bleeder is all natural. There are no prohibited substances in BIO BLEEDER; it is completely safe to use in all performance horses and racing camels. It has a positive effect on performance and the overall health of the animal it can be used as a pre-race as well as a training aid.

BIO BLEEDER is multi-functional, not only targeting and assisting in the prevention of bleeding but also helping with repair of capillaries and healing of the lungs it has also shown to assist IAD when used as a maintenance product

What is Bio Bleeder?

Bio Bleeder is a diuretic; it also has an effect on lessening the high transmural pressure which leads to pulmonary capillary stress failure.

Bio Bleeder has healing capabilities, one of which is the repair of the lung walls that have been damaged with repeated stress after hard training and racing.

Is it Legal in Performance Animals?

Bio Bleeder is 100% drug free and it contains no prohibited substances and does not swab and is totally safe to use in competition. All users must adhere to the rules of racing in their country or state.

Performance Dosage:

Give 20ml IV or orally 8 hours before competition. It must be administered by a licensed veterinarian if used IV and the rules of racing must apply.

Training Aid:

Give 10ml IV of Bio Bleeder 3-4 hours before training or strenuous work out.


Bio Bleeder should be refrigerated or kept in cool dark room. Keep out of children’s reach.

Click here to view the fact sheet: BIO BLEEDER

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